guitar player

I'm a guitar player, arranger and composer from Monterrey, México. 

I started playing guitar, taught by my father, in 1996. Five years later I began my academic music studies at the National Institute of Fine Arts of México (INBA). I studied a Bachelor Degree in Execution of Classical Guitar until 2008, at the Monterrey College of Music and Dance (ESMDM). 

I was fortunate to be instructed by Pedro Avendaño, whose techniques trace back directly to two lines of guitar masters: on one hand, Andrés Segovia and José Luis Rodrigo, Avendaño being taught by the latter; on the other hand, Francisco Tárrega, Emilio Pujol, Isaac Nicola, and Leo Brower, the latter being friend and direct influence to Avendaño. 

During my academic years, I wrote multiple guitar arrangements and transcriptions from classical composers.

I started playing on steel strings guitars during the Covid-19 pandemic, and creating pop arrangements and posting them in the spring of 2020.